How to measure height instantly using iPhone’s camera

Apple iPhone has many hidden features that few people are aware of. One such feature is the LiDAR scanner, which sits next to the rear camera. This feature can be used to instantly measure someone’s height using the iPhone camera.

LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, allows users to scan and map your environment. It works similar to radar, only it uses lasers to judge distances and depth. It is important to note here that not every iPhone comes with a LiDAR scanner. This feature is only available on the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 Pro models. These include the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

The ability to measure height works instantly with the Measure app on your iPhone. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use an Apple iPhone to measure height:

Step 1- Open the Measure app on your iPhone

Step 2 – Position the iPhone so that the person you want to measure appears on the screen from head to toe.

Step 3 – After a while, a line will appear on the top of the person’s head (or hair or hat) with the height measurement just below the line. To take a photo of the measurement, click the Take Photo button.

Step 4- To save the photo, tap on the screenshot in the lower left corner.

Step 5- Next, tap on Done and then select Save to Photos or Save to Files.

Step 6 – You can easily access the height measurement image and share it from iPhone photos or files whenever you want.

To take the measurement again, turn your iPhone away for a while. This resets the altitude and you can ride again.

Meanwhile, renders of the iPhone 15 Ultra have surfaced online. Images shared by Apple Insider show curved edges on the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra. The current iPhone models come with a flat design that debuted with the iPhone 12. This is likely to change with the iPhone 15 series. Another change that comes with the iPhone 15 Ultra is the dual cameras on the front.

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